Joshua Sims
Joshua Sims
1 year, 3 months ago

The Travails of a Web Designer in Nigeria, Know when to say NO!

I recently had a client call me up for a job, let's call him Mr. Zee. I was barely working on anything and decided to take the job even when his offer was less than 40% of what i normally charge.  

The very first thing that caught my attention (in disgust) within the first 3minutes of our conversation was when he said and i quote, "I don't like working with Nigerians, I prefer working with Indians". My head spurned around for a bit and i thought to myself, are you not a Nigerian? So i decided to take the job and prove him wrong. Big mistake!

Shortly after the job commenced, Mr. Zee began asking for heaven on earth, he couldn't make up his mind on what he wanted. This normally wouldn't have been a problem cos i love my job so much and i'm always willing to put in my best. However, it soon became obvious what a mistake i had made. 

He provided his content comprising of more than 2,000 words per page with unorganized paragraphs, each less than 12 words. Can you imagine how stretched that content will look in design. 

Should i run or should i stay? Good question but i decided to soldier on, with 8years of hands on experience in design and development, what could possibly go wrong. So i thought.

Everyday I received messages of how He doesn't like working with Nigerians and how disappointed he his with what i've done so far, this of course didn't move me a bit, but rather felt more motivated.

This stretched on for 2weeks and i couldn't care less. Well, that was until i realized that Mr. Zee had just employed me (LOL!). He started asking for new pages and layouts beyond the scope of the initial brief and I remembered that as professional with more than 8years experience, we don't say no to additional tasks, we politely say, "That's not a problem, I'd be happy to send you an invoice to cover the new additions.", at least that's what the "Indians" would do right?

Thereafter, Mr. Zee disappeared into thin air and I went out for a drink.

Lesson learnt!

I personally believe it's wrong for our own to look down on us and mentally write us off. This i believe, is what is wrong with Nigeria as a people (not all but esp. our leaders).

As a creative person, don't hesitate to say NO and let go off clients who presumably are more creative than you.


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